Styled Vegan Wedding


When Belinda of Opus Events reached out to me about photographing a vegan bridal shoot in collaboration with The Kind Bride, my first thought was that these photographs would have to defy expectations.  Weddings and other events usually are places of excess, and typically do not prioritize low-waste or sustainability.  I wanted to show that a wedding that does prioritize sustainable practices and materials can be as stylish and make as much of a statement as even the grandest event.   


My philosophy towards my photographic practice is to come in with general ideas, and leave space to let my intuition be guided by the situation itself.  I certainly had a preconceived notion of what a vegan wedding would be— bright colors, soft textures, smiles all around.  Belinda had already done the hard work of assembling a team of vendors who have high design sensibilities, each of which made me rethink that initial notion and think of a way to do it all justice and elevate the shoot to a cohesive artistic statement that reflects our era.


In this case, the dreamy dress by Stella by Made with Love in collaboration with Lovely Bride, and the bold women’s suit by The Groomsman Suit inspired me to shoot in a way that expresses graceful strength.  


Additionally, the accessories by Kata Banko and shoes by Veerah inspired a sense of minimalist elegance, which was further refined by the make-up artistry of Rebecca Casciano


Finally, everything came together when I saw the breathtaking herb and mushroom floral headdress and bouquet by Fibers & Florals, which was so unique and such a cool piece that I knew I would have to defy even my own expectations of what a vegan styled wedding might look like.  


We decided on doing a natural light golden-hour shoot with a 1920’s Spanish Colonial Revival style building serving as our location.  Here the warm light would emphasize the large, ornate space for a sense of grandeur, and allow us to play with bright halos of light for an airy feeling grounded by deep shadows.  


With the preproduction so carefully orchestrated by Opus Events, the shoot itself was a dream.  Each vendor’s contribution worked together seamlessly, and the location offered us a variety of ever changing backdrops over the course of the production.  I’m proud of the work we did together, and glad that I could be a part of it.  

Creative Director | Opus Events Co. @opuseventsco

Collaborator | The Kind Bride @thekindbride  

Photographer | Shane F King @shanefking

MUA | Rebecca Casciano @rebeccacasciano

Florals | Fibers & Florals @fibersandflorals  

Women's suit | The Groomsman Suit @thegroomsmansuit

Dress | Stella by Made With Love, exclusive collaboration with Lovely Bride @lovelybridela

Shoes | Veerah @veerahofficial

Accessories | Kata Banko @katabankocouture

Model | Angel Burke @a.r.b_87

Model | Alexandria Rubiano @alexrubiano