Angel, Smoking in the Bath


This session was the most recent collaboration between myself, Angel Lin (@AngelMyDarling on Instagram) , and makeup artist Kylie Small (@makeup.bykylie on Instagram). We have worked together several times, and I first worked with Angel back in 2013.

This shoot was originally Angel’s idea, and I had a lot of fun mentally planning out the vibe of the shoot, balancing out the bright morning light coming in from the window with the deep shadows that were necessary to give the work a feeling of gravitas. Angel has worked with me enough times to know exactly the kind of mood I like to go for, and was able to bring the look out on command in a fiercely engaging way. Kylie’s excellent work made it practically mandatory for this session to be in color— I often shoot black and white unless the color is central to the photograph, and in this case it is without a doubt.

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Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy my work with Angel.


Shane King