I love being able to capture a moment, a glance, a thought between words, and preserve it.  Some art philosophers say photography is about death, a never ending struggle to keep fleeting memories that are in reality already gone the instant the camera’s shutter closes. 

I disagree, I think it is about life: celebrating the moments as they happen, savoring them, and allowing them to be shared with others in a way that transcends space and time.  Long-gone civilizations have their monuments, our memories of love and laughter can last as long as paper can hold them.

Of course, nothing lasts forever, and it is foolish to expect it to, and perhaps conceited to even want it to. Certainly I have memories that will be lost to time, as have billions of men and women before me. There is no shame in forgetting or being forgotten. But for now, while I live and breathe and have friends and family who know me, I am happy to hold them.

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