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The Second Gaze: How the Panopticon Permutes Photographic Practices and Promotes Private Personae

Currently we are in a golden age of photography-- we consume and create more photos each year than in the first century of photography.  It has quite literally never in history been easier to use our individual, personal gaze and make photographic images and to share them with people around the globe-- forever visible.  We are adapted to be aware of a Second Gaze, that of the judging public at large, which by the nature of the current internet is not bound by proximity of space or time. I suspect this has changed the nature of how we create and think about personal photography, how we see ourselves, and encourages us to find privacy by masking our true selves. 

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Shane’s Guide to Japan: Part 2

Japan is an incredible place, and Tokyo in particular is so rich that you could find literally anything you are looking for. Want to spend a week trying out world-famous sushi, centuries-old sake breweries, and seeing live music every night of the week? Or perhaps go on an all-night bender through Shinjuku & Shibuya between scouting the nerd-Valhalla of Akihabara? Or a serene week of ancient temples interspersed with martial arts training in the mountains? Whatever you want, you will find.

You could take a lifetime of exploring to only scratch the surface.  Here are a few of my favorite spots and a few day trips that I have found to be fun, as well as a few recommendations.

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Shane’s Guide to Japan: Part 1

Japan is one of my favorite places to go, and I have been fortunate to visit many times in many occasions in the past several years. I wrote this guide for friends who are visiting for the first time, and I decided to publish it publicly for others to enjoy as well.

In this first part, I’m excited to share with you some tips that will make it easier to get by, both in terms of navigating the big city and also the big menus. This will be an incomplete guide for people who have never been to Japan before, and might not know anything about the culture or history.

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