Boudoir Sessions



: a woman's dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room;
: a photographic style featuring intimate, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of its subjects


Boudoir photography is intimate, romantic, and possibly erotic photography, but for the women I have worked with it is also much more.

For them, photography is a source of power. For a mother, it is a way to reaffirm her beauty. For an abuse survivor, it lets her assert ownership of her own sexuality. For a career professional, it lets her explore the creative process and be the subject of a work of art. For a bride, it is a deeply personal gift for her beloved, and a memento for decades to come.

My work is an ode to sensuality, and my goal is to provide you with a safe space to express your sensuality and reflect your natural beauty. I believe a photograph should reveal the soul as much as the body, and I have the experience to help you have a fantastic experience and breathtaking photos, even if you’ve never been in front of the camera before.

I’d love to hear why you’re interested in doing a boudoir session. Use the form below to send me a message. If you would like to read my thoughts about art, click here to visit my Journal. Keep scrolling to read my testimonials and learn more about me.



Shane is a true artist with a vision and it's an amazing experience to be a part of that vision. He has always made me feel comfortable while shooting and has respected any personal boundaries. I was very nervous before doing my first boudoir shoot because I was concerned about upholding my image and making sure that the shoot was tasteful. I perceived myself as beautiful but not boudoir sexy. When shooting with Shane for the first time, I felt completely free and relieved to be in a safe, creative space to be vulnerable. I was able to convey my natural sensuality in my shoot with Shane. Since then, we have shot together multiple times and he has become one of my great friends. His creativity exceeds my expectations with every shoot, as he knows how to show a range of perspectives when utilizing the same space and subject. The vibe is very relaxed, playful and fun. He really knows how to bring out his subject's inner confidence and beauty. I have felt the most beautiful when shooting, during my photo shoots with Shane. Trust and know that with his abstract eye and experience, every shoot will be pure magic!

- Ryan J

I’m not a professional model, so I was pretty nervous and I didn’t know what kind of faces to make or poses to do. However, working with Shane I became less nervous little by little. With the sound of the shutter and the glimpse of light in the viewfinder, I felt just like he was peeking into my world. I think its obvious if you look at the photos he takes that he can find the feminine beauty that each woman has. All the poses felt natural, and Shane is talented in creating space that is free from anxiety and doubt.

I’ve shot with him a few times now, and I’ve learned from him that a professional is a person who gives a joyful experience. He’s always light-hearted and funny while working, giving direction and guidance when needed and his attitude encourages me to believe in my personal charm and makes me feel confident in myself.

- Minori K

My experience shooting with Shane was awesome! If you are looking for someone who handles their craft with professionalism, attention to detail, creativity, and passion then look no further!! Shane is a talented photographer with a gentle persona that makes you feel comfortable and confident (I'm super shy so that is saying a lot). He is very easygoing and willing to work with you. He really takes his time to understand your preferences and understands that your comfort is #1.
Overall, the whole experience was so much fun!! I highly recommend you book with Shane!

- Ashley G

I have shot with Shane many times and I have always had a wonderful experience. He's extremely professional which is really important to me and his photos make you feel beautiful, unique and seen. I even shot some pregnancy photos with him! Definitely recommend him as you will get something different then a lot of other photographers.

- Monica M

During our session, Shane was able to capture moments that matched my personality and I am super happy with the photos he took. Shane was able to help me feel comfortable and sexy in my own way without the awkwardness that I am in front of a camera. 

If you're looking to take some sweet/sexy/artsy photos, Shane's your go-to man!

- Valerie S

My Philosophy

Photography can be an incredible way to express and explore the soul. It can reveal aspects of the subject’s personality, but also serve as a path to discovery. Here’s how:

Popular culture is centered around making people feel inadequate so businesses can sell them on clothing, fad diets, or plastic surgery. We are conditioned to feel ashamed that we aren’t good looking enough to be beautiful, but the truth is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. From the perspective of someone who loves us, our features that we may consider to be flaws are in fact endearing, unique, and sacred. Boudoir Photography offers an intimate change in perspective, sensual and non-judgemental.

My goal is to use my skills and experience to help women create amazing photographs. I have years of experience working with women who have never done intimate photographs before, helping them feel relaxed and confident in themselves. I’ll help with posing suggestions, and give tips that you can use to look your best in photographs for the rest of your life.

I want to help you make art that will provide joy for decades to come, instead of just digital files that will only live on your computer or phone until you change devices.

Boudoir Session Details

The most beautiful and sensual boudoir sessions happen when the subject feels relaxed and confident, with everything else guided by that philosophy.

Before booking the session, we will meet to discuss your inspiration as well as plan out ideas for the session.

Sessions usually take place at my private location in Los Angeles, and my makeup artist will be on hand to make you look your best and take care of any touch-ups throughout the session.

The session itself will go at a relaxed pace so that you can develop confidence as we go, and usually lasts around 4 hours. I never charge by the hour or rush through sessions, because it’s worth taking the time to do the best work possible to make art that lasts.

After the session, we will have an ordering session to go over the photographs and give you a chance to decide what images you would like in print or book form.


Thanks for reading! Now it’s your turn, use the form below to tell me your inspiration for doing a Boudoir session of your own.

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