Will my photos be online?

Only with your permission. Privacy is very important to me, and the work you see on my site is only what my clients have allowed in writing. While some clients are eager to share what their experience was like, others have reasons to keep their work private.

I don’t know how to pose, will you help me?

Of course! I’ll offer posing suggestions and guidance as needed. Truthfully, not knowing how to pose is actually an advantage, because poses look… well… posed. My goal is to help you get photos that are natural and lively, and I’ve found the best photographs occur during the moment in between poses.

What if I don’t look like your models?

I work with women of all shapes and sizes. The people you see in my portfolio are the ones who have allowed me to share the work we made, as I only post photos of clients with their permission.

I have a problem area, would you be able to fix it in photoshop?

Of course. While my style philosophy is to make photos that are natural and true to life, I understand that blemishes happen and may occasionally be distracting in photographs.

What should I bring?

My shoots usually involve 3 - 5 looks from casual to intimate lingerie or nude, so it is good to bring some variety of outfits, especially if you also want photos suitable for social media.

Here’s what I recommend:

  • Sheer or Lace non-padded bra, panties, and lingerie, in black or white. Other colors can also work well, such as green, red, or pink. Avoid fluorescent or hot colors. Please remove tags and labels before the shoot, as the branding may be distracting in the photo.

  • Fishnet stockings or full-body suit. These lend themselves well to more abstract photos that show off curves with tantalizing detail.

  • Silky or sheer robes or kimonos. These are perfect with lingerie underneath, or without.

  • If you already know you would like to shoot nude, I recommend wearing loose comfortable clothing with no bra or underwear before coming to the shoot, as they may leave red marks on your skin for several hours.

  • Bring one pair of flats for walking outside, and one pair of plain high-heels. I usually do not show footwear in my photos, but heels do change the posture so I encourage you to bring a pair.

  • Finally, bring what excites you. Whether it’s your favorite baseball team’s hat, a T-shirt with a cheeky message that you just love, or a black leather harness with chains, bring it. I guarantee the photographs will be that much better with something you love.

Hair & Makeup

I’ll have a hair & makeup artist for the session, so you can come clean faced. If there are specific products you prefer or accessories such as fake eyelashes, bring them along. If you have any skin allergies or other concerns, let me know in advance and I’ll notify the makeup artist and put you in contact with her. She will be present though the session to provide touch ups and change looks as needed.

Where is the shoot location?

My studio is a small house in a quiet part of west Los Angeles, and you have already seen it in many of my photographs. It has excellent light throughout the day, which lets me use natural light from morning to evening. This location is available at no extra charge.

I’m also available to travel or shoot on location, message me to discuss your idea.

Can I bring a Friend or Partner?

Yes! Just give me advance notice. I’ve had some issues in the past with friends being distracting to the session, so I may ask them to hang out in an adjacent room.

I also offer specials for booking with a friend, including same-day double sessions.

Do you only shoot Black and White? How about Color?

My personal style is black and white, but I do love color as well. I will provide color and black and white edits of your selected images, and whether the book is color or black and white is up to you.

Do you have another question I missed?

Click the button below to shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to answer it.


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