I've been working with Shane for about two years now, and since the first time we've met, he has been one of the most welcoming and talented photographers I have ever worked with. We always have a great time together, and the creativity behind every shoot is evident. We've made some of our best work together just by being ourselves, having fun, letting the creativity flow. He brings out the beauty in any and everyone. 

Shane also has an indescribable ability to make you feel perfectly comfortable in your own skin. He doesn't ask you to be anything you aren't; simply be yourself and he'll capture that beauty. It's rare to find a photographer who has such a distinct style, yet captures each person so differently. 

It's been such an honor to work with Shane for so long, and I truly look forward to every single shoot.

-Tiffany W


Shane is a true artist with a vision and it's an amazing experience to be a part of that vision. He has always made me feel comfortable while shooting and has respected any personal boundaries. I was very nervous before doing my first boudoir shoot because I was concerned about upholding my image and making sure that the shoot was tasteful. I perceived myself as beautiful but not boudoir sexy. When shooting with Shane for the first time, I felt completely free and relieved to be in a safe, creative space to be vulnerable. I was able to convey my natural sensuality in my shoot with Shane. Since then, we have shot together multiple times and he has become one of my great friends. His creativity exceeds my expectations with every shoot, as he knows how to show a range of perspectives when utilizing the same space and subject. The vibe is very relaxed, playful and fun. He really knows how to bring out his subject's inner confidence and beauty. I have felt the most beautiful when shooting, during my photo shoots with Shane. Trust and know that with his abstract eye and experience, every shoot will be pure magic!

- Ryan J


I booked Shane thinking I would like to know myself, but its rare for me to take photos without wearing clothes. I’m not a professional model, so I was pretty nervous and I didn’t know what kind of faces to make or poses to do. However, working with Shane I became less nervous little by little. With the sound of the shutter and the glimpse of light in the viewfinder, I felt just like he was peeking into my world. I think its obvious if you look at the photos he takes that he can find the feminine beauty that each woman has. All the poses felt natural, and Shane is talented in creating space that is free from anxiety and doubt.

I’ve shot with him a few times now, and I’ve learned from him that a professional is a person who gives a joyful experience. He’s always light-hearted and funny while working, giving direction and guidance when needed and his attitude encourages me to believe in my personal charm and makes me feel confident in myself.

- Minori K


When I first met Shane, we shared an interest in photography. He showed me his work and was clearly passionate about the art he created. I had previously modeled for figure drawing and he asked if I would be interested to try some photoshoots with him. Any nervousness I had at first was quickly dispersed by his open personality, clear communication, and genuine commitment to making beautiful photographs. We did several photoshoots in various locations, and I always was made to feel comfortable and absolutely loved the results. Not to mention, he is a fascinating person, and quite interesting to talk to and swap inspiration with. His boudoir photography is the perfect combination of artistic and sexy, and he adapts well to the mood and personality of his subjects. I love all the images we did together and although I no longer live close enough to work with him on a regular basis, I love to see his work on instagram and on his website.

- Lena M


My experience shooting with Shane was awesome! If you are looking for someone who handles their craft with professionalism, attention to detail, creativity, and passion then look no further!! Shane is a talented photographer with a gentle persona that makes you feel comfortable and confident (I'm super shy so that is saying a lot). He is very easygoing and willing to work with you. He really takes his time to understand your preferences and understands that your comfort is #1.
Overall, the whole experience was so much fun!! I highly recommend you book with Shane!

- Ashley G


I have shot with Shane many times and I have always had a wonderful experience. He's extremely professional which is really important to me and his photos make you feel beautiful, unique and seen. I even shot some pregnancy photos with him! Definitely recommend him as you will get something different then a lot of other photographers.

- Monica M


I had an absolutely incredible experience working with Shane- he has an easygoing personality that makes you feel welcome and safe and respected. You can tell he takes his time with his work, and inspiration grows as you progress through the photoshoot. 

He takes a lot of consideration into putting together a shot, and shows up prepared- but he also leaves room for improvisation! 

I have so many great shots from him and still post them to this day because they are so solid. I really recommend working with him!

- Jenapher Z


Shane is so amazing at making you feel comfortable while shooting. I've had a hard time trying to find someone who shoots beautiful elegant photos with no mood of it feeling raunchy. If you're looking for really beautiful photos that are extremely tasteful, Shane is where to find it.

- Taylor G


Shane is one of nicest people in the business. He is professional, considerate, welcoming and an amazing photographer. He will capture all of the special moments while making you feel extremely comfortable and beautiful. He works to get shots that you are happy with and has such a creative eye. I have worked with him many times and will continue to because I'm very happy with the process and the wonderful photos we continue create.

- Angel Lin


Amazing, amazing work.

I only had a chance to work with Shane once (a week before I moved across the country!), but he was AWESOME. Not only is he incredibly professional and fun to work with, but he's ridiculously knowledgeable about his work and was more than happy to explain his techniques and the thought process behind each step he took.

As someone who is definitely more of a hobbyist, it was tons of fun to learn more from a seasoned professional.

I was super nervous when we were working together (I'm actually quite camera shy), but he made it his mission to make sure I was as comfortable as possible and having as much fun as possible. He takes his models' feelings and comfortability into consideration and is 100% focused on making sure you feel beautiful.

His turnaround time for photos was also very quick and each photo was FANTASTIC. We mostly worked in B&W (his signature style!), but we got so many great photos out of it. It's a bummer he lives across the country - I've gotten a lot more comfortable in front of the camera and would love to work with him again. Definitely recommend.

- Clare N


Shane is amazing and incredibly passionate & knowledgeable about photography. To top it all off, he's such a down to earth and funny guy which makes it easy to work with him and feel comfortable. Always have an amazing time with Shane and come out with some real moody photos. Trust his vision!

-Mae Louise L


Shane absolutely rocks. He's been a photographer for quite a while and I've been following his work some time before deciding to take these pictures. Seeing his works, I've always been amused by the things that he's able to see and his ability to play with light. During our session, he was able to capture moments that matched my personality and I am super happy with the photos he took. Shane was able to help me feel comfortable and sexy in my own way without the awkwardness that I am in front of a camera. 

If you're looking to take some sweet/sexy/artsy photos, Shane's your go-to man!

- Valerie S


Shane is great and he loves what he does! He was very considerate and professional and captured my intimacy in a very artistic way that made our shoot so comfortable and effortless.

- Yenory C


Shooting with Shane F King was a great experience. The photoshoot was comfortable and professional. His professionalism and eye for detail helped the results of photographs and the over all experience of the photoshoot. He has a talent in portraying his subject in a way that is appealing and conveys a message to the viewer. He truly does share art and beauty to the world. His work needs to be seen more and truly appreciated. 

His genuine character and skill in photography makes working with him a experience that I would recommend to other people. His photos are one of a kind and have a certain quality that I can't really put to words. He has a passion for his work, which can be ultimately seen through his photography.

- Jane P


Shane will make you feel comfortable so that you can feel and exude your best during your shoot. You can trust his expertise. Shane has years of  photographing and celebrating the female femininity. You will have FUN; absolutely worth it.

- Jasmine E


I'm usually pretty uncomfortable with shooting Boudoir, but Shane made it an amazing experience for me! I absolutely adore the photos, they are so elegant and pretty. He is one of the best I've ever seen!

-Tricia W


Shane is great to work with! 
He knows how to make so many types of people look amazing due to his knowledge of shadows and light. 

He has shot my headshots, black and white boudoir, and Halloween pictures as well. Basically every need! Shane has you covered.

-Andrea N